Revisions to Syllabus

Note: make these changes in red to the syllabus

1)cut out all other Scripture readings (not textbook readings except these):

Week 2: Exodus 14-15, 20 (these are review from last week)  and  Matthew 5-7

Week 3: Matthew 18

Week 4: Revelation 1-3

Week 5:Psalms 22-25, Philemon

Week 6: Reread Philemon
2)Revised Assignments:
--Week 2: make the letter assignment more generic 
than syllabus says. Write a letter to your
classmates.  The letter is to explain a family, work, or school tradition to your classmates (Don't worry about Passover references, etc).  A long paragraph, up to a page is fine.
--Week 4: Delete Chapters 6 and 8 of Hauer/Young
--Week 5 and 6: Preparation assignments: we will do 
these in class Week 5.

-Note: skim the Scripture readings.  You'll notice some of the questions in the textbook relate to Scriptures we deleted from assigned readings.  But you will usually be able to answer the questions based on the textbook section, and your own opinion.
in other words, replace pages 4-7 in the syllabus with this below ..Bible readings in blue..sorry about the margins(:

Module Six
Week 1:
The Cosmos, Creating a Community
(Introduction to tools and methods)
NOTE: If the text of the Bible is unfamiliar to you, look in the Table of Contents at the front
of your Bible for book names and their page number. Assigned reading without a colon
indicates chapters; with a colon indicates verses. For example, “Genesis 1-3” means the
book of Genesis chapters 1-3. Exodus 1:1 – 7:7 means Exodus chapter 1 verse 1 through
Exodus chapter 7 verse 7.

1. Reading:
Hauer & Young chapter 1 “The Three Worlds of the Bible: An Orientation” (entire)
Hauer & Young chapter 2 “Preparing for the Journey: An Orientation to the Methods of Biblical
Study” (entire, but skim)
Hauer & Young chapter 3 “Origins: The Book of Genesis” (entire)
Genesis 1-3, 12-50
“Excerpts from Babylonian Creation Story” (Student Guide p. 14)
Exodus 1:1 – 7:7, 12:1 – 14:31, 19:1 – 24:18
Hauer & Young “The Growth of the Gospels” (pp. 262-265 only)
Hauer & Young “The Unity of Luke-Acts” (pp. 289-290 only)
Luke 1:1 – 8:21, 22:1 – 24:53
Acts 1-2
2. Preparation Assignments:
a) Complete “Geography and History of Bible Lands” response questions & maps (Student
Guide pp. 11-13)
b) Hauer & Young ch 1 Questions for Discussion and Reflection (pp.36): answer # 1, 2, and 7
c) Hauer & Young ch 2 Questions for Discussion and Reflection (p. 65): answer # 1, 5 and 7

Module Six
Week 2
Creating a Guideline: Law and Grace
1. Reading:
Hauer & Young ch. 4 “Covenan

t: Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy” (entire) Exodus 14-15, 20 , Matthew 5-7
 Hauer & Young ch 12, [Literary World} “Matthew: A Higher Righteousness” (pp. 269-272 only)
Matthew 5 – 7    Hauer & Young ch 14, “The Literary World: Letters as Literature” ( pp. 313-315 only)
Hauer & Young ch 14, “The Historical World: The Letters of Paul in Context” (p. 316 only)

Hauer & Young chapter 14, “First Corinthians: Unity in the Spirit” (pp. 318-319 only)

Hauer & Young chapter 15, “First Peter” (pp. 340-341 only)

2. Preparation Assignments: write a letter to your
classmates.  The letter is to explain a family, work, or school tradition to your classmates.
Be prepared to share this letter with your classmates.
b) Hauer & Young ch 4 Questions for Discussion and Reflection (p. 107): answer # 1a, 1c, 2a,
and 2b.

Week 3: Living in Community: Leadership, Power & Authority
1. Reading:
Hauer & Young chapter 5 “The Nation Israel: Joshua, Judges, First and Second Samuel, First
and Second Kings (The Former Prophets)” (entire)

Hauer & Young [Literary World ] “Mark: The Secret Revealed through Suffering” (pp. 265-269)
Hauer & Young [Historical World] “Mark” (p. 280-281 only)

Matthew 18
2. Preparation Assignments:
a) One Great Person worksheet and response essay (Student Guide p. 21)
b) Hauer & Young chapter 5 Questions for Discussion and Reflection (p. 135): answer #3a-d
Biblical Perspectives �� Page 6

 Module Six
Week 4:
Living in Many Communities: Prophecy and Wisdom
1. Reading:
Hauer & Young chapter 6: “Covenant Advocates: The Prophets of Ancient Israel (The Latter
Prophets)” (entire)

Hauer & Young chapter 8: “The Way of Wisdom: Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes (The Writings II)”
Revelation 1-3
Hauer & Young “Galatians: ‘The Gospel which was Preached by Me’” (pp. 320-321 only)

Using God’s Resources Wisely, Walter Brueggeman
2. Preparation Assignments: Using God’s Resources Wisely response questions (Student Guide, p. 24)

Week 5: Worshipping in Community
1. Reading:
Reread Hauer & Young chapter 5 (pp. 119-135 only)

Reread Hauer & Young chapter 6 “Ezekiel” (pp. 153-154 only)
Hauer & Young chapter 7, “A People’s Poetry: The Book of Psalms” (pp. 164-172 only)
Psalms 22-25, Philemon
Hauer & Young chapter 12, “John” [Historical World] (pp. 282-284 only)

Hauer & Young chapter 14, “Philemon” (p. 324 only)

2. IN-CLASS Assignments:
a) Complete “The Historical World” worksheet (Student Guide p. 26) and
“The Literary World & the Contemporary World” worksheet (Student Guide, p.28
These worksheets  form the basis for the
Summary Paper.

Module Six
Week 6:
Living in Community: Individual Worth, Status & Relationships
1. Reading:
Reread Philemon

Hauer & Young chapter 13 “The Birth of Christianity: The Acts of the Apostles” (entire)

Hauer & Young chapter 14, “Ephesians: He is Our Peace” ( pp. 325-326 only)

Hauer & Young chapter 15, “First Timothy” (p. 335 only)

2. Preparation Assignments: none